Triple Crown

Triple Crown

The Triple Crown is Snowsport Scotland's Championships Slopestyle Tour incorporating 3 rounds of competition on indoor snow, the mat and at the mountain.

The three-event multi-surface format allows a means to identify a truly versatile overall slopestyle tour champion, who can perform and excel in all environments.

Each event in the tour is unique offering a very different park, surface and environment to challenge riders. At each Triple Crown event there are three separate competitions:-

  • The CrownJam (A fun jam format competition for all levels ages and abilities)
  • The Junior Champs (A jam format championship for U12's only)
  • The Triple Crown Champs (A 2+2 Championship format for U16 and Open only)

The Triple Crown Indoor Champs

  • Where: Snow Factor
  • When: September
  • What: A different park every year - 4-5 banks with 3 features. Rookie and Pro lines.

The Tripe Crown Dryslope Champs

  • Where:- Alternates between Bearsden and Aberdeen
  • When: Late November or Early December
  • What: If at Aberdeen then 2 lines, rails and kicker. If at Bearsden then a large kicker and Quarter Pipe (but it varies each year!)

The Triple Crown Mountain Champs

  • Where:- CairnGorm (with Lecht as a backup option)
  • When: March
  • What: A different park every year dependent on snow volume!



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At each event competitors are ranked according to their best run scores in both in their own age category (U12, U16 or Open) and also as part of an overall ranking in M/F and ski/snowboard categories. Medals are awarded at each event.

2018/19 Tour

2017/18 Tour



Overall tour rankings are for the Champs event. Tour ranking is based on accumulated "Tour or Series Points" which are awarded to competitors at each champs competition, according to their overall ranking at that event in their M/F Ski/Snowboard category (regardless of age).

Points are awarded in a diminishing scale per this table.


As riders attend each event, so they accumulate series points and at the end of the tour, overall Triple Crown Slopestyle Tour Champions can be identified.

If on final calculation of the overall tour ranking, two competitors achieve the same score, their ranking order will be determined by the competitor with the highest final run points score in the final event.

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