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The Scottish Ski Club Bursary in partnership with Alpine Training Centre SCIO

The Scottish Ski Club are announcing the launch of a new bursary fund in partnership with the Alpine Training Centre SCIO (ATC).


Throughout their history, the club has continued to support young member racers, who have gone onto achieve great success, both in the British National and Olympic Ski Teams. Due to the changing conditions and the expense of training, it is becoming increasingly difficult for talented young skiers to fund their time on snow. A bursary like this not only helps young individuals but has a wider impact on the Scottish skiing community, which shares in the success of its racers and can build on the focus it brings to snowsports in Scotland.

The objective of this new fund is to enable young, deserving club members to improve their racing skills through attending Race Training Camps in Europe. The bursaries will be targeted at club members in the U14 and U16 age groups and will be used to fund 100% of the course fee at an ATC race camp in the Alps.


Enthusiasm, commitment and the demonstration of some potential to develop as a racer are among the key criteria for selection. The bursary is not just a programme for elite skiers only; the intention is to make the bursaries accessible to as wide a range of deserving children as possible.

A target of £25,000 has been set to be raised over an initial three-year period. This will fund 6 – 8 one-week bursaries in each year. Financial support matters. Club member and World Cup racer, Charlie Guest, recently commented that, ‘’without the help of a bursary she received when she was a teenager, she would not have been able to stay competitive and wouldn’t have continued in the sport.’’  What a wasted opportunity that would have been!

Donations to the fund are invited and extremely welcome and can be made via the Scottish Ski Club Just Giving page


For more information on the bursary criteria click here


If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch with the club, please feel free to contact the SSC Club President Moira Langmuir ( or the Chair of the Bursary Steering Group Alan Robertson (