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Statement regarding BASS Seeding and assignment of TDs for the 2021 Snow Season

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the consequent national and local restrictions the TD Forum has reviewed the 2020/21 Season. The Forum conducted this review in a manner that addressed not only the health and safety of athletes and officials, for whom we have a duty of care, but also the impact of travel restrictions on the fairness of the seeding system for all athletes, wherever they may be based.  The Forum wished to balance the desire for racing with the need for clarity and sufficient planning lead time for all involved, whilst ensuring that the calendar remains manageable should racing resume.

·        As of 15 November the TD Forum will not accept any results for BASS seeding, nor assign any TDs, to calendar events between now and January 20th2021.

·        A decision will be made on the 20th of each month on whether TD support and seeding will resume for events in the calendar as follows:

o   20th Dec for races 21st Jan to 20th Feb.

o   20th Jan for races 21st Feb to 20th Mar.

o   20th Feb for races 21st Mar to 20th April.

·        The allocation of a TD and seeding status may be varied by region if local, national, and international restrictions and travel for officials and athletes permit.

·        The TD Forum will consider calendar date changes for the remainder of the 2020/21 snow season where calendar events have been cancelled due to current restrictions.   Events will only be accepted if:

o   Local and National government regulations, including travel (within and without the UK), allow.

o   Sufficient officials, including the Technical Delegate, are available to deliver the safe and fair organisation of the event.

o   A sufficient number of athletes can attend to maintain fairness within the seeding system.

o   The proposed event does not clash with another calendar event.

It is impossible to predict what will happen during the season ahead and if circumstances change then the TD Forum, in conjunction with Home Nation Governing Bodies, will review the situation and make changes as required.  At the end of the season the Forum will review the events to ensure fairness across the seeding system.

The Forum’s authority to make this decision has been ratified by the GBS Alpine and Telemark Committees and is supported by the Home Nations.