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Following the First Ministers announcement this week, please find below further information to clarify the position re. the reopening of snowsports centres.


Scottish Government Update


“As of early January, additional restrictions were required to control the spread of the C-19 virus given the emergence of new strains of the virus that were more transmissible.


As you’re aware, the additional restrictions included the requirement for snowsports centres to close. This requirement is still in place i.e. snowsports centres are required to remain closed at present.


Restrictions are being reviewed at 3 weekly intervals with the next review being scheduled for mid-March. At that point, we are working towards providing clarity to snowsports centres regarding a potential date for their re-opening.


As you’ll appreciate, a number of uncertainties remain about the effect of even minor changes to restrictions on C-19 case numbers particularly given what we know about new variants and the impact of the vaccination programme. Consequently, any changes to restrictions – and indications of timelines for these – may be subject to change as they will be guided by the data and not dates.


I appreciate that these are challenging times and that this will come as unwelcome news. Please be assured that we continue our efforts to work towards the centres reopening at the earliest opportunity”.


Snowsport Scotland will continue to work with Scottish Government and sportscotland to ensure that snowsport centres are able to open as soon as possible.


We appreciate that centres, clubs and snowsports participants desperately want to get back to action (as do we!) and are hopeful that this opportunity will be possible in the coming weeks.