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Snowsport Scotland are pleased to announce Phase 1 of a new strategy for Park & Pipe in Scotland: ‘’Pro-Camps’’.
Snowsport Scotland ‘’Pro-Camps’’ are Park & Pipe training environments for Scottish club trainees and coaches, which aim to offer bespoke learning environments beyond their regular landscape in order to progress and develop their practice. By supporting clubs from across Scotland, it provides an opportunity to train together and as a result the camps build community and collaboration to support progression and lift the Scottish Park and Pipe scene.
Earlier this month, Camp 01 of Phase 1 had 4 clubs, 6 coaches and 15 trainees from across Scotland in attendance at the The Loading Bay, Glasgow’s indoor skatepark. The morning session focused on utilising their Freestyle room; a custom built room housing gymnastics floor, foam pit, trampoline and the GB Park & Pipe Super Tramp providing the perfect reduced-risk playground to learn-in. Trainees were taken through Off-snow skill progressions focusing on movement across 3 planes of rotation as trick preparation for Camp 02. The afternoon skate session concentrated on the processes of skill acquisition and the fundamentals of movement that skateboarding so perfectly promotes.
Camp 02 took the coaches and trainees to a specially commissioned Park & Pipe training venue at The Lecht to offer them on-snow high volume reduced risk trick progression. The Lecht created the training environment with snow produced by the TechnoAlpine Snow Factory, a first for Scottish Clubs and something not done anywhere else. During six training sessions over two days the coaches built on the Camp 01 prep and took their trainees through skill progression to dial in new tricks. Already we are hearing back of trainees transfers these new skills to “live” environments at their home slopes which is awesome. A big thank-you to the clubs and the supporting facilities for coming together, collaborating and making this happen, what a community we have!!
Supporting the Park & Pipe pathway is a primary aim of these camps and as such the camps are accessible to all clubs with Park & Pipe program, to find out more on how your club can interact contact –
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