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A new online avalanche awareness training initiative has been launched by The Snow and Avalanche Foundation of Scotland (SAFOS), with development support from member organisations Mountain Training Scotland and Glenmore Lodge.

Aimed at individuals making critical decisions in the winter mountains, this free digital version of the ‘Be Avalanche Aware’ planning tool will enable hillwalkers, climbers, mountaineers and skiers to be more aware of the avalanche risks and the factors that influence their planning and journey decision making.

SAFOS represent a diverse range of organisations with interests and expertise related to snow and avalanches in Scotland.  It is the leading body of its kind within the UK and facilitates unique

collaboration opportunities between independent members, outdoor bodies, academic institutions, and forecast services.

Chair of SAFOS Olly Stephenson said “We know that the key to avalanche avoidance lies in the decisions that get made along the way.  We are delighted to be able to offer this free online learning tool to support people in their planning and journeys.

This initiative continues our work from the now established Be Avalanche Aware tool and will further support an area of decision making that needs structure and insight.  With the right planning and choices, Scotland’s winter mountains will offer a lifetime of reward.”

This online eLearning can be accessed at
Be Avalanche Aware | Be Avalanche Aware (


About SAFOS:


SAFOS, an independent advisory body, was originally formed in 2001 and has a number of roles including:

  • to act as a focal point for discussions related to avalanches in Scotland;
  • to coordinate and support the development of consistent materials and standards for avalanche education taking into account national and international needs;
  • to promote a better understanding of avalanches amongst all who use the hills in winter conditions in conjunction with representative bodies; and
  • to provide a forum for discussion and support for research on avalanches in Scotland


Alongside SAFOS independent Chair and members, the organisational members include:

  • sportscotland National Centre Glenmore Lodge
  • sportscoltand’s Scottish Avalanche Information Service
  • Mountain Training Scotland
  • Mountaineering Scotland
  • Mountain Rescue Scotland
  • Snowsport Scotland
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Stirling
  • Met. Office