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On Board Programme Pilot


Four days over 4 weekends of activities designed to give disabled children an introduction into the board sports of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. Board sports are a great way of enjoying the outdoors while also benefitting your mental and physical health. They help the participant to develop good balance and co-ordination whilst also promoting mental strength and perseverance. The final programme will involve 4 sessions each of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and acrobatics/tricking over a time period to be determined. The time table for the pilot program looks as follows:


Snowboarding April or May TBC

Snow Factor, Glasgow with Disability Snowsport UK.


Surfing 1st May

Dunbar, East Lothian with The Wave Project


Skateboarding 8th May

Loading Bay, Glasgow with their coaches


Acro/Tricking 15th May

Loading Bay, Glasgow with their coaches


Participants must be aged between 11-18 inclusive. The price for the pilot is £260 per person. Please contact to register your interest.