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...and get insurance, discounts and more!

Both individuals and organisations can join Snowsport Scotland.

Individuals might be recreational snowsports enthusiasts looking for discounts and benefits, snowsports competitors or professional and volunteer coaches, instructors and leaders.

Whoever you are, you can benefit from a membership with Snowsport Scotland and support the development of the sport at the same time. To find out more see the INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP categories below.


Organisations can join Snowsport Scotland and we invite all organisations working to support and service the snowsports industry to become a member. We recognise organisations as falling into one of two categories, namely those with subscribed members (eg clubs and associations) and those without (eg facilities, training and event organisations).

An organisation with subscribed members will pay a fee of  £3per member + £50 admin charge to join and receives a host of benefits including a blanket public liability insurance for all their members. An organisation without subscribed members simply pays an annual fee of £250 but receives a different range of benefits which, for example, excludes  public liability insurance for its own members. If you are an organisation new to Snowsport Scotland and wish to join for the first time please email with your name, organisation name and address and we help you get subscribed.

For full information please go straight to our Club and Organisational membership page here.



With 5 individual membership categories (starting with a free subscription), there really is something for everyone to get involved.

The individual membership categories are called:-

If this diagram is too small to view on your screen you can download a PDF here.

To find out more click the links or this FAQ link 

  • SUBSCRIBER (To join the mailing list and keep up to date with news)
  • SUPPORTER (To support the cause and get a range of retail discounts)
  • SLIDER (For sliders wanting insurances and uplift & retail discounts)
  • COMPETITOR (For competitors requiring a license a number & discounts)
  • COACH (For coaches instructors & leaders requiring a license and insurances)
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