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All clubs and organisations servicing the snowsports industry in Scotland are invited to become members of Snowsport Scotland. As National Governing Body we see this as a crucial step to help with collaboration and alignment of strategic objectives between organisations, as we all work together to support the development of Snowsports.

We recognise organisations as falling into one of two categories, namely those with subscribed members (eg clubs and associations) and those without (eg facilities, training and event organisations). An organisation with subscribed members (eg a club) will pay a fee of  £3per member + £50 admin charge to join and receives a host of benefits including a blanket public liability insurance for all their members. A organisation without subscribed members (eg a facility) simply pays an annual fee of £250 and receives a different range of benefits.

If you are an organisation new to Snowsport Scotland and wish to join for the first time please email with your name, organisation name and address and we help you get subscribed.



The membership year runs from 1st September through to 31st August.



There are two membership categories:-

  1. CLUBS - For clubs, groups, and associations and any organisations with their own members.
  2. ORGANISATIONS - For facilities, ski schools, event companies and other organisations servicing the snowsports industry in Scotland but without their own members.




For a club to be eligible to join Snowsport Scotland it must:-
1. Submit the club officer contact details as requested by the renewal process
2. Submit numbers of M/F members both over and under 21years old, counted at 31 August. This members count will determine the cost of membership per the table above.
3. Adhere to the SSS M&A's and adopt the following policies:-

  •     Safeguarding Policy
  •     Health and Safety Policy
  •     Data Protection Policy
  •     Equality Policy
  •     Anti doping, & Clean Sport Policy
  •     Volunteer codes of conduct

as laid down by the national governing body. Details of these policies can be found at the bottom of the governance page of the website at


For an organisation to become a member they must:-

1. Submit contact information as requested by the sign-up process.

2. Adhere to the SSS M&A's and where they apply to the nature of the organisation's business, adopt the following policies:

  •     Safeguarding Policy
  •     Health and Safety Policy
  •     Data Protection Policy
  •     Equality Policy
  •     Anti doping, & Clean Sport Policy
  •     Volunteer codes of conduct

2. Provide evidence of:- 

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance 

If your club or organisation already has a membership profile you can login to the Snowsport Scotland membership database click here

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