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2020 has proven a challenging year for Snowsport Scotland to run CPD sessions to enable coaches, leaders and instructors to refresh their SSS qualifications. In June we therefore decided to plan a series of FREE ONLINE WEBINARS in the Autumn that would allow precisely this.

We wanted to not only provide an assured mechanism for ongoing learning, but also ensure that the learning would qualify as continuing professional development and a refresh of qualifications so as to keep as many of our workforce currently licensed as possible.

So in case you’ve missed the messaging, all SSS registered coaches, leaders and instructors now have the opportunity of watching any 3 of 8 recorded online webinars that can be found here, and by completing the official CPD form with details of your learnings (and uploading it to your member profile) you will be granted the 12 month refresh.

– Just one small gesture in a year that has been challenging enough for us all.