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Cross Country Skiing Squads 


Squad  Athletes
Elite Squad James Clugnet 

Andrew Musgrave 

Andrew Young

Continental Cup Squad Gabriel Gledhill* 

Hamish Wolfe

Performance Squad Cameron Cruickahank

 Beinn Horsfall* 

Joseph Rosenfeld* 

James Slimon

GB Junior Squad – Women  Ida Ewald
GB Junior Squad – Men Sam Bojarski* 

Tristan Marshall*

Women U23  

(yob 1999-2001)

Men U23  

(yob 1999-2001)

Cameron Cruickshank 

James Slimon

Women Junior  

(yob 2002-2005)

Ida Ewald § 

Hannah McHugh §

Male Junior  

(yob 2002-2005)

Logan Duncan § 

Jakob Ipsen §

 Murdo Reid §

Invited to Train  Kieren Forth §


* Other Home Nations – may train or compete with Home Nation Performance  Pathway Programme run by Snowsport Scotland. 

§ New member. New members will not participate in the full winter season with  Project Lillehammer but will be eligible for some periods in Lillehammer and for  selected races as advised by Snowsport Scotland Performance Coach.