Blog - Latest News

Over the last few weeks the SSS website has been updated with a significant number of additional CPD and qualification training courses and opportunities.

These fall into three main categories:-



There are now over 12 onslope CPD sessions scheduled within the SSS course and coaching calendar, all of which are eligible to provide you with a 3 year qualification revalidation.



In addition we have added a series of online webinars into the same course and coaching calendar and where these are marked as being eligible for CPD, coaches, leaders and instructors will be required to attend 3 of these online sessions and complete a CPD learning outcomes form to then receive a 1 year qualification revalidation. For details of how to do this please visit our CPD page



Finally, we continue to develop our library of online training videos. Some of these videos are also eligible to count towards ONLINE CPD. These videos are marked with the CPD training label shown below




Please take a look at all the above and for more information on how to use the online content for CPD, please visit our CPD information page.