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Club Management

Whether you are starting a new club, or looking to optimise your established club, below you will find a range of resources and information to help.

Healthy vibrant clubs are key to the development of snowsports and provide a fun and friendly social environment in which you can safely participate in the sport. Clubs vary greatly in size and product/service offering but often offer a mix of:-

  • Transport, trips and camps to the Scottish mountains and abroad
  • Snowsports skills coaching
  • Training and support for competition
  • Instructor training courses
  • First Aid training courses
  • Backcountry and off-piste safety courses
  • Event officials crew training
  • Social events
  • Club houses or chalets/huts (usually with either catering facilities or a bar/light food that you can use at the artificial facilities and mountain resorts

For help in establishing any of the above services in your club please contact Snowsport Scotland. We can help with all aspects of club development.

As a guide, below is a Club Development Map which will lead you through a structured review of your club, helping you identify what areas you wish to develop. For most clubs we recommend performing this process every 2 years. For support in using these resources, or to arrange a visit from one of the Snowsport Scotland team to help you with club development please contact us on 0131 625 4405.

Club Development Map

The Club Development Map below is designed to prompt you to consider all relevant aspects of your club and its operations as you conduct a review. (Click on the map to download a printable pdf).

To use the Club Development Map:-

  • Start by looking at the top purple section and consider what the purpose and mission of your club is.
  • Then consider the three purple boxes below and identify your specific focus areas.
  • Then look at the content of the four blue boxes, namely your people, your products, your places and your resources. Use the detailed prompts in each box and assess whether you are adequately equipped or resourced to achieve your objectives.
  • Finally consider the topics in the white boxes and how effectively you do things.

For each of the sections of the map you will find detailed prompts, resources and information in the additional drop down boxes below.

A full club review can take anything upwards of 2 hours. Once conducted however, you should have a far clearer picture of your direction any areas of your club that need development or attention. If you wish to have a Snowsport Scotland staff member assist with facilitating this process please get in touch.

Club Purpose, Mission and Focus

Understanding your clubs purpose or YOUR WHY?

It may sound obvious but confirming your clubs very reason for being, or purpose will make it easier set clear achievable time bound objectives and:-

  • Structure your committee;
  • Create plans;
  • Decide what products you should offer;
  • Sell your club to the outside world;
  • Focus your fundraising objectives;
  • Perform a sense check before taking decisions that affect the club.

To find out more about why YOUR WHY is so important visit The Golden Circle Presentation by Simon Sinek. 

How to find out YOUR WHY?

It may feel like wasting time you don't have, but a good way of defining YOUR WHY is by having a vision day. A chance for all members who wish to shape the future of their club to come together with a focus not on operational issues but instead on why the club exists and what the vision and objectives are for the club from the members.  If you would like help facilitating a vision day please contact the Iain Ramsay-Clapham, National Development Manager, .

Well Organised

Are you well organised? Being well organised will enable your club to:

  • Attract and retain members;
  • Attract and retain volunteers;
  • Best meet the needs of its members;
  • Provide a safer environment for your members;
  • Develop snowsports skills and opportunities in your community.

A few important things to consider when organising your club:

Legal Structure

An appropriate form of legal structure for your organisation and its needs. Please use the resources below for advice on appropriate legal structures.  

sportscotland help on legal structures

VAS (Third Sector Interfaces)

Voluntary Action Scotland is the national organisation for local third sector infrastructure. Each local authority area in Scotland has a Third Sector Interface to support, promote, develop and represent the third sector.  The new interface arrangements bring together four key, local infrastructure functions:

  • support to voluntary organisations operating in the area, both local and those national organisations that deliver services at the local level;
  • support to and promotion of volunteering;
  • support and development of social enterprise;
  • connection between the Community Planning Partnership and the third sector.                                                                       



Online advice to help identify the right legal structure with a range of templates available. Click here

Senscot Legal

Senscot Legal provides affordable support in legal matters to the social enterprise community and wider third sector in Scotland.  Areas of law include governance, company formation, employment law, contracts, dispute resolution and intellectual property issues- this list is by no means exhaustive.



A constitution is a guiding document that presents the objectives of the club and clarifies the rules that are in place at the club.  To find out more click here.


Committee Structure

An effective committee structure with well defined roles and delegated responsibilities is far more effective than a disorganised and casual gathering. Break down tasks require to run the club into separate roles with a manageable set of activities that will fit into the available time modern family lifestyles affords us all. Create role descriptors for each post with a remit and set of responsibilities. Click here for a set of committee role descriptors  

Key to the success of delegating tasks is to determine the scope of decision making for each role. Ensure there is complete clarity around the level of autonomy given to individuals to take decision on behalf of the club, so as to avoid situations where individual decision taking does not meet the wider consensus of the committee or meet strategic direction of the club.


Consider all the activities of the club and where the organisation may be exposed in terms of risk. Conduct risk assessments and put a risk register in place. These should be reviewed annually. Where there is risk, reduce it with mitigating actions and contingency plans and review these regularly. Bear in mind that no insurance protects against negligence.

A club should ensure it has at least three basic levels of insurance:

  1. Public Liability for its members (including coaches and the committee)
  2. Officers and Directors Liability
  3. Employers Liability (for anyone contracted to "operate" on behalf of the club whether paid or not)

For more information on the Snowsport Scotland Insurance cover provided to affiliated clubs please contact 0131 625 4405.

The following templates are not yet live links but will be made so shortly

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Register
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Accident Forms
  • Safeguarding and Child Welfare
  • Conduct Policies for - Coaches, Event Volunteers, Athletes and Parents



Better Connected

Why connect?

Strong partnerships can help clubs to better deliver opportunities for members. This may be through providing support and advice, providing additional resources and facilities, or helping to promote a club.

Key partners and ways to connect

  • Sport Development & Local Authorities - Local sport development teams can provide support and guidance to connect a club with local support. the local authority, Leisure Trust and Sports council can also provide support. Get details of your local Outdoor Education officer and ensure you build strong connections.
  • Local Schools - Active Schools Managers and Coordinators develop pathways between schools and clubs, supporting the transition from school to community sport. Linking a club to a school offers a new potential membership base, and provides further sporting opportunities for children and young people. As well as through the active schools network, there are many ways to engage directly with local schools including running a schools open days or fun events and taster sessions or even a schools competition. Consider engaging with all your local school headteachers or PE staff, bringing them to the club to try experiencing snowsports. Working on schools engagement with your local facility will inevitable result in benefits to all parties.
  • Connecting with young people - Involving young people in a club’s decision-making is an important part of connecting with the community. sportscotland's Young decision maker's programme is an example of this. It is key that club membership includes people between 17 and 30. In many clubs this is teh lowest membership age group, however people of this age can be hugely instrumental in shaping and developing the club.

If you and your club would like help and ideas on how to get better connected please contact either Graham Mounsey, South Development Officer (South of Perth) or Louise Kochalski, North Development Officer (North of Perth)

Well Promoted

Is your clubs widely and well promoted? What is your media plan and marketing strategy?

A successful marketing strategy will give a club a strong profile. Whether trying to attract new members, sell entries to events or just improve awareness in the community, a good profile is key for success. For some sportscotland resources on marketing click here

Sponsorship can be hard to secure but a strong media and marketing strategy can help enormously. Consider getting a marketing professional involved in your committee.

EVENTS PROMOTION: Many clubs are very experienced in running events for established athletes and club members, but for revenue purposes it can be worth considering running participation events for the wider community and engaging people in another tier of membership. This can help with revenues and profile. To promote any of your events through Snowsport Scotland website please submit information about the event directly to

For a one to one session with a member of the Snowsport Scotland development team to help you develop campaigns and a marketing and media plan please contact 0131 625 4405.

Sustainably Planned and Invested In

Is your current club structure sustainable?

Sustainability does not just refer to finances and developing income streams that cover the core costs of the club. It is also about the sustainability of the club's workforce and facility access.

A strong business plan will not guarantee sustainability, as there are often external influencing factors that are our of anyone's control (weather!), however it will help the club develop a clear set of actions to keep it focused. In addition to focus a strong plan will assist with funding applications moving forwards.  

We recommend business plans are reviewed annually and re-written every 2 years following a full club review.

For guidance writing and templates to help you write a new club business plan see below:-

For assistance with this process call Snowsport Scotland on 0131 625 4405

Funding Opportunities

There are a multitude of different funding opportunities available.

Snowsport Scotland Funding Opportunities

Snowsport Scotland Special Members Fund

The Special Members Fund was set up after a repayment of VAT was made to Snowsport Scotland in 1995. This funding is kept independently from other SSS reserves and is controlled by the Board of Directors.  The funding has been set aside to support meaningful projects that aim to fund equipment to support performance development coaching or equipment to help increase participation numbers.  Financial assistance is available to fund up to 50% of the total cost of equipment of capital projects for clubs. Previous awards have been used to fund freestyle rails, stubbie gates for Alpine racing, and Alpine race bibs.  It is envisaged that the funding will last until 2022.

John Hynes Fund for Coach Education

John Hynes was the Head Coach/Manager at Hillend Ski Centre for many years.  He died in 1988 and this fund was set up in his memory.  Its purpose is to assist coaches to achieve further qualifications.  This fund is available to individuals that have an active involvement in a Snowsport Scotland affiliated club programme and seek to develop training or qualifications that will benefit the club and its members. All applications must be endorsed by the applicants’ club and all applicants are required to commit to providing 2 years of coaching to their club.  Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can access funding up to 50% (up to a maximum of £250) of the course fee on Snowsport Scotland run courses.  Applicants can only receive funding once and it is available exclusively to members of the Snowsport Scotland Coaching Scheme.


sportscotland Funding Opportunities

Awards for All Scotland

Awards for All lottery funding is run by the Big Lottery Fund in partnership with sportscotland  and is available for a wide variety of one-off costs.  Grants can range from between £500 and £10,000 and should meet one or more of the following outcomes:

  • People have better chances in life
  • Communities are safer, stronger and more able to work together to tackle inequalities
  • People have better and more sustainable services and environments
  • People and communities are healthier

For more information and to apply for Awards for All please click here.


Direct Club Investment

sportscotland Direct Club Investment (DCI) is unique as it offers investment to support club development over a period of 2-4 years, giving the club time to embed significant developmental change and is focused on strengthening club sport by delivering on two key outcomes:

  • Growth in club membership and/or;
  • Growth in clubs which provide the correct environment to develop athletes to performance levels.

Investment of up to £10,000 will be provided for 2-4 years, depending on the project, all activities must be captured in the clubs own plan for the future.  Any investment must achieve the specific outcomes and we will monitor the outcomes throughout each project to ensure it is having an impact.  To find out more please click here.


Other Funding Opportunities

The Craig Macfie Foundation

Craig was tragically killed in November 2011 by a drunk driver whilst he was cycling in Oregon. The Craig Macfie Foundation serves as a means to honor, celebrate and remember Craig’s life while promoting causes close to his and his friends’ and family’s hearts.  In keeping with Craig’s passion for skiing the primary focus of the foundation will be to promote and encourage the sport on both a local and national level. A CMF LSRA Trainee Award is made anually along with an award made at the British Championships.  The CMF Award is awarded to a male in the U21 or U18 age group, who has a passion for skiing (both racing and freeskiing), shows exceptional sportsmanship, who perserveres and continually strives to improve.  For more information  click here.
Funding Scotland
The Funding Scotland website and free search engine helps find funding for charities, community groups and social enterprises - from small grants to funding for big capital projects.  Click here to access the site.
Your People

Just as the clubs are the lifeblood of snowsports development in Scotland, so the individuals that give so much time and energy are the very lifeblood of snowsports clubs.

Club members fall into one or more of the following four groups:-

  • Members
  • Committee
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers

It is key to have a succession plan for each of these member types to future proof the human resource requirements of the club.


Recruiting a strong committee and succession planning takes time. Good people come along far more readily if a committee is well structured and well run. Set fixed terms of service for committee members and create a plan for replacing each person with an annual recruitment process.  Please feel free to use the following role descriptors to help with defining committee responsibilities


Whether you use volunteer or paid coaches it is critical to ensure you are not operating below standards that might invalidate your club insurance cover. Using under qualified coaches or those without up to date PVG or first aid qualifications can put the club at risk. For guidance on coach recruitment please contact Snowsport Scoptland. Please also see the sportscotland guidance resources for supporting coaches here


Snowsport Scotland runs a programme to train people in event officiating and volunteering. Known as the EVENT CREW DEVELOPMENT (ECD) programme, full details can be found here. We recommend that clubs identify one person to take responsibility for volunteer development and we would recommend that this person firstly identifies the clubs event officials and volunteer needs and then formulates a training plan to get the necessary number of people trained each year. Please also see the sportscotland resources for volunteer management here.

For help on building a strong team of people and creating succession plans please contact the team at Snowsport Scotland.

Your Products

What products does your club offer ? Do you offer a decent value proposition to non members to attract them into your club. Have you analysed your most successful products and considered re-brands, re-launches or simply changing them or adding new products.

Clubs have many different products that bring value to their members. To name but a few of the common ones these include:-

  1. Transport to the ski centres
  2. Warm and comfortable huts on the mountain
  3. Day and weekend trips and excursions to amazing backcountry locations
  4. Training courses on Avalanche Rescue, Backcountry Safety, First Aid etc
  5. Coach, Instructor and Leader training courses
  6. Training programmes for young talented Alpine Race, Freestyle, Nordic, Telemark and or freeride athletes and trainees
  7. Social events
  8. Competitions (at participation and development levels)

Whatever your club offers the key is to to keep reviewing your products by comparing them to others in teh market place so as to keep them current, relevant, accessible and desirable. A strong product portfolios will help you retain members and maximise revenues.

If you feel you need help modernising or evolving your product portfolio please contact Snowsport Scotland learn more about developing what you offer. 

Your Resources

Every club requires different resources and assets to enable it to deliver its products and services. At Snowsport Scotland we can use our experience and knowledge to help you source good quality kit for less; and if we can't help we may know a person who can.

Whether it be snowsports timing equipment, a new van , some avalanche safety kit for your backcountry leaders or simply a printer, a second opinion or some advice on what to buy can save hours of research. There are also some suppliers that will support registered SSS clubs with discounts.

Training and competition equipment in particular can vary from very expensive to relatively affordable depending upon what you select, but with some items what you pay really determines what you get.

Whatever your club resource needs, feel free to speak with one of our development officers to see if there might be a supplier that can offer preferential rates or if there might just be a better or more appropriate product for your requirements.


Your Places

How positive, collaborative and mutually beneficial is the relationship you have with the facilities you use?

This will be key to your success, sustainability and quality of product.

Things to consider are:-

  • Building relationships at strategic and operational levels
  • Understanding the strategic objectives of your local facility
  • Ensuring win, win arrangements with mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Discussing long term aspirations

With contacts at every facility in Scotland, staff at Snowsport Scotland are happy to help facilitate inntroductions or help build working relationships between your club and facilities.

Starting a New Club

Starting a new club is an exciting prospect. If you are looking to start a new Snowsports Club in your area click here.

There is much to think about but we are here to help, so feel free to contact one of the Snowsport Scotland Development Team to arrange a meeting for a guiding hand. One of the first things you will require is a constitution. Here is a template

Once you have the basics in place you can then register to become a member club of Snowsport Scotland and take advantage of our club support services, insurance and discounts. To register your club & club members, please click Go Membership! to use our online database or alternatively, you can fill in the Club Registration Forms.  Each year we will willingly help you work to build your membership and then ask you to record and submit your Club Affiliation Numbers.

All clubs that join Snowsport Scotland should adhere to the Snowsport Scotland M&As, Safeguarding Policy, Equality Policy, Volunteer Code of Conduct, Anti-Doping & Clean Sport Policy, and Data Protection Policy.


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