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Calum Henderson recently was award the 2018/19 Snowsport Scotland Coach of the Year.

We were delighted to present Calum with the award at the Snowsport Summit held at Cairngorm Mountain in late September.


This was the nomination sent in to our offices:

“Callum has been instrumental in developing ski racing in the club over the last few years. He is committed and passionate and loyal to his trainees.

He has developed his own skills by undertaking the UKCP 3 course and becoming the first person to qualify through the new system. He had had to undertake numerous COD modules online, an off piste qualification at  the UKCP 3 course, complete a yearlong logbook and write training plans and camps plans. This is a serious personal and financial commitment.

He has demonstrated excellent leadership in his role as lead performance coach, managing a small team of coaches in dry slope and approximately forty trainees. He had spearheaded the clubs approach to race support at the snow dome races and has meant many many children have had extra confidence and support from himself and other coaches at these races and have had considerable success.

He is keen to help other coaches learn how to course set by getting them to shadow, set and set at races. He has mentored our club trainees through their ukcp 1 logbooks and is organised on the hill.

He is almost always the first coach on the hill and is always at the forefront of giving trainees the opportunity to get more time skiing. Many of the trainees he coaches stay in the sport because of his passion and rose to the challenge so not to disappoint him.

Over the last few years you only have to look at the podium at the races to see the number of LSR trainees celebrating success and I am certain at the Scottish championships at Hillend that this will be repeated across the age groups.

I wanted to put in a vote for Callum Henderson – he has been incredible and building the quality of coaching and range of activity covered at LSR, devoting many weekends away to dry mat races in England as well as indoor races, and using a week of his leave to take the kids on a training camp to Landgraaf. The kids really appreciate his coaching style and he has a huge work ethic – seen at the Scottish indoors with massive amount of shovelling.

I am also told the mums appreciate the work he does in a tight t-shirt showing off his muscles!”




Photo of Callum with Robbie Clyde who is the Chair of Snowsport Scotland Board of Directors and who presented the award.