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Scottish Alpine Training Camps – Landgraaf

Ali Hall – U18 Scottish Alpine Team

Coming on the back of the English National Championships and immediately being launched into the beginning of a global pandemic was a big eye opener for me and a lot of people. Schools, gyms, all closing and with restrictions on the amount of people you are allowed to meet almost made me feel like this was the beginning of some knockoff supernatural sci-fi movie.


Lockdown was different for many people. At least for me, lockdown meant no exams. That meant I could do a lot of lazing around and truthfully it was a dream come true. Of course, like many others, my family had created a make-do outside gym, which basically consisted of a metal bar strapped to two tyres. So my time was spent trying to keep any fitness I had before lockdown.


After a while being all cooped up with the same faces in the house, hearing the news that the Scottish Team were taking two trips to Landgraaf, finally meant I can see some different people and get back on skis!


For me personally, the camps, plus the travelling abroad with COVID-19 looming over our heads was made out worse than it actually was. We got given all the information of what to do and what not to do and we had to try our best to stick to it. Travelling with a mask is one example of the changes that came in since COVID-19. The biggest problem I found with this is it’s not so pleasant when you have been growing out your moustache for the whole of lockdown, wearing a mask for the whole duration of the journey really makes it sweat…


Upon arrival the types of COVID-19 restrictions we faced weren’t really much different from what was going on back home, lots of hand sanitizer all the time, plus wearing a mask and staying 1.5m apart from each other. On the slope there were different queuing systems and the chair was restricted to two people. When it came to my skiing and getting back into it after such a long time off, the whole thing was alien. It was like I had pulled a fence down and stuck the planks to my feet. I felt like a spider on a hot-plate. It was really good to get 2 short camps over to Landgraaf to get the ski legs back and keep things ticking over for now.


I have been working with the Scottish Institute for Sport this season, this experience has allowed me to access support in specific areas of my performance, it’s great to be working with the sports psychology team as this remains a focus for me this season. I hope to use the support to prepare for our next upcoming camp on the 9th of October in Stelvio which is just around the corner. Another thing I will be doing is bringing a lot more food, you can never have too much.. I’m looking forward to keeping momentum up from the Landgraaf camps and getting back out there with the team, fingers crossed it all goes ahead as planned.


Ali Hall – U18 Scottish Alpine Team