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Lecht Park & Pipe Camp

This weekend, in baking temperatures, the Lecht Ski Centre is running the first ever GB Park and Pipe Home Nation training event on artificial snow. This event will showcase the benefits the snow factory can have for snowsports in Scotland…pumping out snow in temperatures exceeding 20 degrees!

Training facilities are a key element for any sports success. In Scotland it is always challenging to provide appropriate training facilities for Snowsports given the unpredictability of the Scottish weather (although a heatwave isn’t usually the issue!). The trialling of the Technoalpin Snow Factory at the Lecht this week demonstrates the impact that can be made not just on providing a suitable training environment for our athletes, but also providing a more consistent opportunity to engage more participants in our sport. Facilitating a training environment in June 2018 is an exceptional achievement.

This event offers a great opportunity for the youth team to participate in snowsports all year round, without having to go abroad. 

As well as the snow, there is also an airbag available.  A reduced risk environment to prepare tricks and a jump larger than any of the dry-slope jumps requiring more speed and better consideration of mechanics. 

All of this means a training environment more in keeping with the challenges of European level competition. The artificial snow and airbag are available to members of the public this weekend. If this sounds like something you would love to try why not pop along to the Lecht between 5pm and 8pm on Saturday 30th June.

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