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At a general meeting of the Company, held on Thursday 5th October 2017, Member Clubs approved a new set of Articles of Association.

The new Articles of Association, were supported by 91% of the voting member clubs and lay the foundation for:

  • Greater engagement between the governing body and the Snowsport community;
  • The Board to implement an inclusive membership structure for clubs, facilities and individuals; and
  • A competency-based Board structure consisting of both elected and independent appointed directors

The Articles and related documents can be found in the ‘Articles of Association’ section below.

Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Articles of Association


The Board

The board is responsible for the strategic direction of Snowsport Scotland.  The following individuals make up the board:

  • Robbie Clyde- Chair Person
  • Neil Cameron - Vice-Chairperson         
  • Kenneth Munro - Finance
  • Wayne Glasse-Davies
  • Neil Farish
  • John Flavell Smith
  • Ewan Anderson
  • Angela Anderson
  • Frank Musgrave - Observer
  • Robin Hutchinson- Observer

As part of efforts to improve governance within Snowsport Scotland and specifically to improve the flow of ideas and information between the community and the Board, Terms of Reference have been established for 7 committees. The nature and number of these committees will change over time as the needs of the sport require.

The 7 Committees are as follows:

  • Alpine
  • Park & Pipe
  • Nordic
  • Finance
  • Remuneration
  • Governance
  • Business

The Terms of Reference and other details can be found here.

Equality Standard

Snowsport Scotland holds the Preliminary Status for The Equality Standard Framework for Sport. It is committed to maintaining this standard.

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