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Take to the slopes of Scotland this Winter with 10% discount off uplift passes with Snowsport Scotland Supporter Membership.

How? Join #SnowsportScotland as a Supporter for only a tenner!

For only £10 a year one of many benefits you will receive is:

10% off your uplift tickets at the Scottish Mountain Ski Centres:
Cairngorm Mountain, Glencoe Mountain Resort, Glenshee Ski Centre, Lecht 2090 and Nevis Range!

For more details and to become a Snowsport Scotland Supporter Click this link:.

Your membership fee is helping us support and develop top Scottish Athletes.

Additional Supporter Membership Benefits:
• 10%OFF Scottish mountain lift tickets
• Public liability insurance cover for snowsports (365 days worldwide – limited to 90days in US or Canada)
• Retail and travel discounts using your
membership number at selected stores
• Bulletins & newsletters on all things snowsports

365 Days from Joining

Cost: £10.

(Featured photos are at the #Glenshee Ski Resort. By Stevie McKenna)


An unknown snowboarder in Corie Fionn, at Glenshee Ski Centre.


Skier Melissa Moore from Glasgow hiding in an Igloo at the bottom of Corie Fionn, at Glenshee Ski Centre.