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Snowsport Pathways

Scottish Schools Snowsport Association

Snowsports can achieve many learning outcomes!

Schools can participate in snowsports at both primary and secondary level. The easiest route to get started is to enquire with your local facility or centre about ski lessons for PE or after schools club extra-curricular tuition.

Providers offering schools ski trips and tuition programmes:

The following resources should give schools all the information they require to understand what is involved with getting involved in a learn to ski programme, training programmes and ultimately, schools competitions.

  • Managing Risk
  • Schools Skiing Insurance
  • Transport Solutions
  • School group ski lessons
  • Educating/Upskilling your staff
  • Taster Opportunities
  • Active Schools Support
  • Funding Support

Schools events are open to experienced skiers/snowboarders as well as novice skiers/snowboarders who have only been skiing for a short period of time, they offer a fantastic competitive team environment.

One of the great opportunities snowsports presents to schools is the chance to participate in schools competitions in Scotland! The Scottish Schools Snowsports Association (SSSA) organises a national series of events across the country.

Scottish Schools Snowsports Association

The Scottish Schools Snowsports Association was formed in 1971 to provide competitive snowsports opportunities to Scottish Schools.

The current event portfolio delivers some 30 events across the academic year, across all snowsport disciplines on artificial slopes, indoors and on snow. All events are designed to encourage the first time competitor as well as the seasoned racers, with novice categories available and the longer term objective is to encourage school pupils to get involved with snowsports clubs and possibly enter the performance pathway.

The organisation is run by a small committee of teachers and snowsports professionals, dedicated to providing top quality snowsports events, opportunities, information and support to schools in Scotland.

The number of participating Scottish schools increases each year. See the list of 2012/13 participating schools. It is now estimated that there are around 250 schools involved in competition and more like 350-400 Scottish schools that engage regularly in some form of snowsports activity including "learn to ski programmes", and ski trips.

3 step "Zero to Hero" Guide to help your school get into snowsports

You might simply be interested in giving your pupils a combined educational, sporting and lifestyle opportunity... but we think that with a little coaxing, we can help you engage your pupils in the fun and dynamic environment of schools snowsports competition.
Yes we would like to help you create your own school ski/board team!
There are no barriers to entering your first schools competition. In fact, all we ask is that your team is made up of pupils who have learnt the basics, can safely link turns and manage an uplift tow. You may already have pupils capable of forming a team to compete right now; so all it requires, is for you to enter a team, bring the pupils along, and come and enjoy the whole experience of having your school represented in a Scottish Schools Snowsports competition.
If you have no skiers at all, then the following steps will take you through the learning and development process.
These steps offer information on ways to engage in beginner lessons, develop skills further, and then potentially go on to compete at higher levels, like the BRITISH and WORLD schools champs. What an accolade for any school!

For more information on the SSSA and their events, visit their website.

"Now is their chance to compete and shine, afford them every opportunity to try", (SSSA)