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Snowsport Pathways

Take Part

You’ve watched Ski Sunday and now you want to give skiing or snowboarding a go! Snowsports is FUN and learning is easy and accessible to all age groups from preschoolers up to senior citizens! 
Whether you want to get into Snowsports to:
  • Get fit and healthy in the outdoors      
  • Have fun with friends and family   
  • Develop a skill for life
  • Compete in competitions & events
  • Maybe one day Compete in the Winter Olympics!

We can help guide you along your Snowsports pathway!

The first step is to find a Snowsports school with fully qualified, enthusiastic and helpful instructors. There are many places to take part in snowsports and learn how to ski or snowboard all year round on both snow or artificial ‘dry mat’ surfaces. Snowsports schools offer group lessons or individual lessons with prices starting from as little as £6 per hour!  
We have teamed up with our partners, Snowsport England and Snowsport Wales, to provide a dedicated site to help you find your closest facility to Go Ski or Go Board. Please visit Go Ski Go Board to find out more! 
If you are a school group interested in getting your pupils into snowsports, please check out Snowsports for Schools!

Once you take your first ride up a lift your life will be changed forever,” (Warren Miller)