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Snowsport Pathways

Park & Pipe Performance Pathway

The Park & Pipe Performance Pathway caters to Scotland’s best young freestyle snowboarders and freeskiers. It covers the Olympic disciplines of Slopestyle, Half-pipe and Big Air.

Snowsport Scotland works with local clubs, snow/artificial facilities, and scenes to help provide opportunities for young aspiring athletes to ride, train, and compete at home and abroad. We employ two Pathway Coaches (North and South) who aim to help local clubs and scenes develop their coaching team, facilities access, equipment, and more to ensure young riders across the country have the best opportunity to ride in the best environments! Once selected to Home Nations status, riders will have the opportunity to attend extra training opportunities and develop their on and off-snow skills. Beyond this, we work with the GB Performance Pathway to offer National Academy selected athletes the chance to ride and train with the GB Performance Pathway in the UK and abroad.

The pathway also provides a route for information to cascade down from the GB Park and Pipe Olympic Team in order to provide the most current learnings for local coaches to pass on to athletes. Presently, the Pathway Programme promotes as much snowboarding/freeskiing as possible, alongside cross training disciplines such as gymnastics, skateboarding, and strength and conditioning work.

To get involved with Park and Pipe activities, please speak to your local slope/mountain to find out if they are holding an introduction to freestyle course or have a dedicated freestyle night for you to join on. Please check our Clubs to get in touch with your local Park and Pipe scene / club.

The GB Park and Pipe Performance Pathway is designed to support selected athletes to train, and where appropriate compete, in national and international environments for their Home Nation and GB. There are two levels of National Team selection. Home Nations Status is reserved for those excelling in their home slope/club. National Academy Status is reserved for GB level athletes. Beyond this is GB Park and Pipe Main Team Selection as seen in the Pathway diagram.

The Pathway is open to both freeskiers and snowboarders from across the UK and Snowsport Scotland administer the Home Nations level athletes for Scotland. We recommend, where possible, to speak to your local coach at application stage, but if this is not possible do not worry and follow the steps featured in the Pathway diagram.

If in any doubt or you would like to hear more information regarding Park and Pipe in Scotland, please get in touch with:

Coach: Ben Kinnear:



For those interested in applying for selection to the Home Nations and National Academy Programme for the Season 2017/18, please see the Park & Pipe Academy Selection Policy 2017/18. If you are able to discuss your submission with your local coach we recommend you do this as they will be able to help you and guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us if in any doubt.

Park and Pipe Application form 2017/18

All existing athletes are required to submit their applications for the 2017/18 season by the 2 April 2017 for their application to be considered for selection.

Traffic Lights

Please download and complete the appropriate Traffic Lights Tracker before emailing to Please fill in the "Info" tab first before the TL Tracker. The TL Tracker already has examples in there, delete them and complete with the correct information. Please use the current date for tricks which are already established and all new developments can be tracked going forward.

Traffic Light Tracker- Freeski

Traffic Light Tracker- Snowboard