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Snowsport Pathways

Cross Country Selection Process & Criteria

British Nordic Development Squad (BNDS) has an agreement in place with the British Ski & Snowboard (BSS) and the Snowsports Home Nations to allow BNDS to run the British Nordic Ski Team Pathway Programme on their behalf. In addition, BNDS also runs the Elite Programme on behalf of BSS  – who are the National Governing Body for the UK.

Currently, Snowsport Scotland (or any other UK Home Nation Governing Body) does not have a Cross Country team or squad.

Selection for BSS Teams and Squads

Full details can be found at Team BSS 

15/16 Squad Selection Standards

GB Elite Squad

Athletes will be considered for selection if they gain the following in the previous 12 months:
  • Men = 85 Sprint or 87 Distance FIS points or better in one event
  • Women = 91 Sprint or 97 Distance FIS points or better in one event.
  • Squad athletes should have the potential to achieve Olympic qualification.

GB Performance Squad

Athletes who have gained 120 FIS points or better in one Distance or Sprint event in the previous 12 months will be considered for selection.

GB Senior Squad

Athletes who have gained 200 FIS points in one event in the previous 12 months will be considered for selection. Athletes who have not met the standard in the previous 12 months may be invited to train with the squad.

GB Junior Squad

Athletes under 20 years of age can be considered for selection if they obtain 260 FIS points (men) or 270 FIS points (women) in one event in the previous 12 months. All athletes must also achieve separately issued run and strength standards.

GB Youth Squad

Athletes 16-17 years of age can be considered for selection if they meet separately issued run and strength standards, and demonstrate appropriate technical skills.

British Nordic Development Squad

The British Nordic Development Squad (BNDS) is primarily a squad for younger athletes who are dedicated to a performance pathway programme leading to GB squad/team status.Athletes are selected for admission to the development squad based on the recommendation of the club coaches and by invitation from the BNDS Pathway Coach.

Pathway Organisation

The Pathway comprises athletes from 11 years (12 in the next academic year) to 20 years of age. It is divided into 3 groups, typically by age but also by ability.


The Development group is for new members of the squad and those continuing with the squad but below the age for the Youth group.  Typically the youngest entrants would enter the Development Group aged 11 or 12 but it is possible to join later.  Athletes will remain in this group until progressing to the Youth Squad at age 15-16 years.

Youth Squad

Entry to the Youth Squad will generally be at 15-16 years of age, the time when young athletes will become eligible to enter International Ski Federation (FIS) races.  The Youth squad aim is to develop experience in racing on snow, so the focus will be to take part in European races.

Junior Squad

The Junior Squad will be aiming to be selected for the World Junior Championships. They will generally be aged 17 and 18. New entrants to the squad would fit into the groups based on their age and ability, as determined by the BNDS coaches. Eligibility for races and events will also be limited by age.

Entry to BNDS

There are a variety of routes of entry to BNDS. Normally, UK based athletes would be highlighted to BNDS from the regional clubs by the club’s coach. However, skiers without a club may be put in contact via a coach that instructs them at a training event, or through a direct approach to BNDS from the athlete or a parent. British skiers, based overseas, may also be proposed by their club coach or make an direct approach; for example, a parent making contact with the squad.

Most new skiers will be invited to attend a training camp to allow a BNDS coach to assess them and, most importantly, for the young athlete to decide whether they wish to continue with BNDS.

Coaches Support & Staff

The group of coaches is led by the Head Coach, Roy Young, who is the coach of the GB national team and appointed by the governing body. He is assisted by a Pathway Coach and Apprentice Coach who are responsible for training the Youth and Junior squad athletes, as well as monitoring the development of the younger athletes along the Pathway. The Pathway Coach also works closely with a cadre of experienced coaches who are part-time or full time instructors and some have international racing experience as athletes themselves.

To reduce costs, training camps are organised and supported by the parents of athletes. All coaches and parent helpers are CRB checked in accordance with the BNDS and national governing body policies and monitored by the BNDS Child Protection Officer

For more details please contact:

British Team Head Coach -  Roy young 

BSS Nordic Chairman - George Gabriel

BNDS Chairman - Richard Newman

SSS Apprentice Coach - Alex Standen 

BNDS Pathway Coach - Carl Carrier

BNDS Entry Enquires - Mike Harrigan