It is against the law for anyone who is barred, listed or under consideration for listing, to seek or carry out work with children or vulnerable adults. All coaches, leaders and instructors who are in regulated work with children or vulnerable adults (i.e. coaching, instructing, supervising or caring) must be a member of the PVG Scheme (Scotland) or hold a DBS check with barring information (England and Wales) for the appropriate sector to verify this. In 2015 it will also be a legal requirement for all employers to carry out such checks.

Disclosure Policy

To ensure best practice and align Snowsport Scotland’s practices with the other snowsport bodies in the UK, all Coaching Scheme members are required to have a copy of their Disclosure Certificate, PVG Scheme Record or DBS Certificate attached to their records to continue to be licensed and insured by SSS, for these purposes there is no requirement to disclose vetting information which is confidential to you and your employer.

It is recognised that a Disclosure certificate has no validity period as they only hold information up until the point it was issued and it is accepted as good practice to have a policy of re-checking existing certificates every 3 years. Certificates already held by individuals from other employment or volunteering will be accepted provided they are no more than 3 years old. For PVG there is continuous updating but each new employer is required to complete an update application, for the DBS you are recommended to join the update service.

Members who hold a PVG or DBS which is over 3 years old but are still in employment with the same organisation, the appropriate Employers Declaration can be submitted along with the original certificate in lieu of requiring a formal update from Disclosure Scotland or DBS.

PVG Employers Declaration
DBS Employers Declaration

Those in regulated work, whether voluntary or paid, in Scotland, should apply for a PVG Scheme Record or Update through their employer, this includes anyone employed who holds a Scheme Membership Statement.

For those who are not in regulated work with children, a Basic Disclosure certificate meets the minimum requirements to be issed a license.