As the heartbeat of our snowsports society, our clubs provide the grassroots development and social/recreational opportunities for Snowsports enthusiasts. We have clubs that specialise in Alpine, Snowboard, Cross Country, and Freestyle that are committed to providing excellent coaching, and some that have been formed for the social aspects. See our club list below to get involved now!

The club scene is the perfect place to start getting involved in all aspects of Snowsports. Dont be shy, contact your local club today!

Many of the original clubs, which formed the organisation in 1963, are still active and involved in Snowsport Scotland. Clubs offer a wide range of facilities, opportunities, and activities! Individuals from the member clubs carry out many of the functions of Snowsport Scotland by contributing to race organisation and various committees.

All of the clubs offer different opportunities for their members and some clubs represent particular interests. Certain clubs have their own facilities for use by their members that range from garage/workshops for ski maintenance, ski huts, and some have their own artificial slopes.

If you join Snowsport Scotland through a member club, you will receive benefits such as discounted third party liability insurance, discounted uplift tickets, discounts with our partners, and eligibility to participate in club and national events. 

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Alternatively, you can fill in the Club Registration Forms. Please see our spreadsheet template to record your Club Affiliation Numbers.


All clubs that join Snowsport Scotland should adhere to the Snowsport Scotland M&As, Safeguarding Policy, Equality Policy, Volunteer Code of Conduct, Anti-Doping & Clean Sport Policy, and Data Protection Policy.