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Snowsport Pathways

Snowsport Pathways

One of the primary strategic objectives of Snowsport Scotland is to build accessible pathways for all snowsports enthusiasts to develop their skills, compete, progress from grassroots level to Olympic success, or even build a career in snowsports.

We are committed to providing and supporting development pathways to help Scottish athletes realise their potential. We are currently progressing the development of pathways in three disciplines: Alpine, Cross Country, and Park & Pipe.

Skills Development Pathway

From your first time on your skis or snowboard on the slopes you’re beginning your journey to develop your skills with a range of different opportunities ahead of you. After learning the basics and reaching the equivalent of Snowlife Level 3+ Award, you would then be able to ski or snowboard recreationally. At this point, you should consider getting involved at a training or coaching programme.

Developmental level programmes will help you to further improve your skills and go on to engage in higher level discipline specific training in alpine racing, freestyle, or cross country. For those looking to push their skills to the next level, there are talent identification and selections made annually for the Scottish Academy and Scottish Team programmes. All of these programmes flow into the GB squads.

Competition Pathway

Running alongside the skills development pathway, Snowsport Scotland supports a vibrant and varied competition pathway. As you build your skills, opportunities will arise to take part in competitions and events ranging from entry level club and school events right up to national and international championship events in specific disciplines. Competitions and events can take place on indoor artificial slopes, on the dry mats, and at mountain resorts across Scotland and abroad.

Career Pathway

Likewise to the skills development and competition, Snowsport Scotland provides the opportunity to obtain awards and qualifications that will allow you to work in the snowsports industry in both the UK and abroad. This pathways ranges from leadership, instructor, and coaching qualifications that can enable you to get involved in work your local club or centre or work further afield.

Career Pathway includes the opportunity to:

Coach (UK Coaching Pathway - UKCP Qualifications)
Instruct (SSS Instructor Qualifications)
Lead (Alpine/Snowboard/Nordic/Mountain Ski Leader Qualifications)


This section will be updated as the pathways come into place so if the discipline you are interested in does not yet have a defined pathway please Contact Us.