She Makes Tracks

SHE MAKES TRACKS is Snowsport Scotland’s female participation programme that has three main objectives:
  • Introduce more females to snowsports (regardless of age or discipline);
  • Retain more females taking part in snowsports (regardless of age or discipline);


  • Produce more high performance female athletes (regardless of discipline)
This nationwide programme aims to support facilities and clubs to run their own sessions, programmes, and events targeted at female participation with providing development, marketing, and promotional resources. In addition, Snowsport Scotland aims to host two to three national events per year to target the programme’s three main objectives.
Snowsport Scotland’s first SHE MAKES TRACKS National Event was held at Bearsden Ski Centre on the 29th of November 2015. It was a great success that featured coaching from our SHE MAKES TRACKS ambassadors, Anna Vincenti and Kate Angus! Snowsport Scotland hopes to progress the programme further in 2016 through national events, like this, as well as programmes hosted by Scotland’s clubs and facilities.

Why is this programme important?

Statistically, females are less active in sport compared to their male counterpart both as adults and, in particular, as adolescents. Young female participation in regular sport activities prominently drops at age 12-15. There are a number of influences that are known to contribute to this including: girls can be intimidated by participating in a new sport; girls can feel more self-conscious about their level of skills; and some girls are discouraged by the pressure of competition.
In order to overcome these aspects, Snowsport Scotland is aiming to target young females to get involved in snowsport. Reason being, the SHE MAKES TRACKS campaign can provide an encouraging environment where adolescent female athletes can share their experiences with like-minded groups to feel confident to grow into the sport.   
Moreover, encouraging female participation in snowsports across all age ranges can deliver new role models for young girls! As snowsports are for life, we encourage all generations of Mums, Aunts, Sisters, Friends, & Grandmothers to take part in snowsports together!
Since snowsports can be recreational sports, it is not necessary that a participant must partake in competitions to be involved. Thus, there is less perceived competitive pressure of a participant if they wish to just try out the sport for fun! SHE MAKES TRACKS aims to improve the inactivity of the overall female population of Scotland for both recreational and competitive participants.
Thus, in addition to participation, SHE MAKES TRACKS focuses on producing and supporting high performance female athletes. Snowsport Scotland aims to host two to three national SHE MAKES TRACKS events annually in order to draw the top female snowsport athletes to learn, develop, and have fun together.

How do I participate in SHE MAKES TRACKS events?

You may view upcoming SHE MAKES TRACKS events by visiting the calender

To register for Snowsport Scotland or one of our Club's SHE MAKES TRACKS event, please register through our GoMembership! system by clicking below. 

What does this programme mean to me as a club or facility?

If you are a facility or club you are at the front line of snowsports provision in the country.  Snowsport Scotland is aware of all the productive female-related sessions and events currently organised and we want to provide substantial resources to help promote and encourage them to happen more. Here are a few idea of such sessions or events:
  • ‘Try Snowsport Days’ that target females using networks & organizations such as Active Schools, Brownies and Girl Guides, Women in Sport, etc.
  • Regular ‘Female-only Sessions’ such as ‘Ladies Mornings’.
  • ‘Freestyle Girls Improver’ days.
  • Regular ‘Recreational Sessions’ for teenage girls without a focus on competition.
  • One-off ‘Performance Session’ targeted at females focused on competition.

What’s next?

For more information, or advice and support to organise a SHE MAKES TRACKS event/ programme, please contact Louise Kochalski, Development Officer – North, on 07584 654396 or via email Louise.


For more information on increasing sport participation in adolescent girls please read Sport & Physical Activity for Adolescent Girls in Scotland.