Resources for Clubs

Clubs sit at the very core of structured participation in snowsports and Snowsport Scotland is committed to supporting all the member clubs through the provision of assistance, tools, templates, and training courses.

Two regional development officers are employed to support the North of Scotland's clubs (North of Perth) and the South of Scotland's clubs. If your club needs assistance with any developmental work please contact your local development officer. Areas in which they can help are:

  • Funding and Finance
  • Legal Matters
  • Legal Status
  • Marketing
  • Connections with Schools and Local Authorities
  • Event volunteer training
  • Coaching programme structures
  • Facility relationships
  • Marketing and Administration

Online Tools & Resources

Setting up and Managing a Successful Club

Use the links templates and example documents below or contact the SSS team for support on how to better manage, setup, fund, or organise your club.


Fundraising Guidance

Club Administration Tools & IT Support

  • Training on how to use the National Governing body membership database to manage your membership
  • Training on how to use google forms for club competition entries

Safeguarding Courses

For further information, visit our Safeguarding page.

Event Crew Development and Training

The Snowsport Scotland ECD (Event Crew Development) courses offer training to anyone wishing to learn how to get involved in the running of Alpine, Freestyle and Freeride snowsports events. Training courses cover all aspects of event management, safety and officiating, from basic volunteer roles through to timing, judging and Chief of Race or Event Organiser.

Short Training Modules: The syllabus has been structured into ten separate 2.5hr training modules. Each module can be delivered as a half day or evening session, and full day courses can be tailored to combine different modules as necessary. Scheduled courses are free to everyone and take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Aviemore and Fort William.

To find out more about event crew and officials training courses click here, or to enquire about organising an event crew training course ahead of you event please use this form

Club Coach Resources

Snowsport Scotland runs the UKCP coaching pathway education programme in Scotland. Coaches can start to engage in the UKCP pathway from age 16.

As well as a full UKCP coach education pathway Snowsport Scotland offers the following resources to club coaches.

For full details on our coaching and instructor courses please click here {insert link to the coach/instructor page}

In addition to training, Snowsport Scotland offers:

  • A coach and instructor CPD (continual professional development) programme
  • Alpine Skills Development Templates  (using the USSA Skills Quest System)
  • Park + Pipe Skills Development Tracking System (Known as the Traffic Lights System)
  • Online tool to help you log trainee sessions and attendance
  • Athlete centered tracking systems for Alpine racers to enable them to track their skills progression, results and athletic development

For more information on all these resources please visit Resources for Coaches.

Club Event Support

Snowsport Scotland can provide all the support you need to run your own Alpine, Freestyle or Freeride event. From equipment to training and paperwork we have a full event support programme that will equip you to run an enjoyable, safe and fun day of competition for your members on snow, indoors or on the dry mat. Visit Run Your Own Competition for a full list of resources.

Schools Links

The Scottish Schools Snowsports Association (SSSA) has been successful in attracting many new schools at both primary and secondary level into competitive snowsports. We would like to encourage as many clubs as possible to develop club-school links and get involved with their local SSSA races. This presents an ideal platform for engaging with schools to promote their participation in training and coaching programmes. For more information on the SSSA please visit

Strength and Conditioning Programmes

Across the country there a multitude of different fitness programmes that clubs can engage with to supplement and support their training and skills development programmes. Snowsport Scotland is there to help clubs with locating suitable local Strength and Conditioning fitness programmes. Please contact your local development officer for assistance.