First Aid

Snowsport Scotland offers 2-day first aid courses at the sportscotland office in Edinburgh to meet the licencing requirements for the the Coach, Instructor & Leader qualifications. These courses are also open to members of the public and do not require attendees to be registered with the SSS Coaching Scheme.  

All Snowsport Scotland Coaching, Instructing & Leadership qualifications require the individual to hold a current First Aid certificate for their Coaching Licence to be valid and insured. The certificate must be issued by an approved awarding body that has been accredited to offer first aid qualifications.

As a guideline it would be beneficial for the course to include emergency first aid and procedures for an outdoor environment.


  • Medical doctors registered with the General Medical Council
  • Nurses registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council
  • Paramedics
  • Serving military personnel, police officers, fire brigade other ambulance personnel and physiotherapists

Individuals in roles listed above are able to apply for exemption every three years while they continue to meet the criteria and can provide the Employer’s Declaration, along with proof of status.

Any application for exemption requires evidence of current eligibility in any of the listed categories and a singed declaration completed by the employer on company headed paper as found in the full First Aid Training Policy.  

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