Snowsport Scotland Instructor qualifications are designed to train and develop individuals who wish to share their passion and knowledge of snowsports with new or existing recreational participants as part of a UK Snowsports School, Club or other body who oversees the activity.

These qualifications are appropriate for ski and snowboard instructors who have been directed to work with an individual or a group. They are not designed for, nor are they intended to be used as a validating qualification for independent instructors. The ‘direction to work’ will have been given by an authority (the Authorising Body) which has assumed responsibility for a risk evaluation of the intended instructional session(s) and has deemed that the person being ‘directed to work’ is a responsible and fit person. In doing so the Authorising Body assumes the responsibility for public liability. The term ‘directed to work’ is not related to payment.

The normal Authorising Body will be; snowsport schools or clubs, local education authorities*, uniformed groups and outdoor centres. Qualified instructors intending to work with other bodies, such as independent youth groups, should seek advice from the Snowsport Scotland office.

*Schools that are outwith the State Education system but are approved by HMIe, Ofsted or ETI are included in this category.

There are 3 levels of Instructor qualification, each with an increased remit and skills relevant to the level of students:

Assistant Instructor


Advanced Instructor 

Snowsport Scotland Instructor qualifications are aimed at those who work in the UK, however it is also recognised that for many people working abroad in many of the other resorts in both the northern and southern hemisphere, is a very strong motivation and a pathway to ensure this is possible is an important consideration.

Snowsport Scotland have formalised a partnership with the Irish Association of Snowsport Instructors (IASI) giving mutual recognition of instructor qualifications. 

This recognition allows instructors from both systems to have their existing qualifications recognised at the same level to be able to access further training courses offered by either organisation and gives SSS Instructors a full pathway to qualifications with international recognition by ISIA and IVSI.


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