Snowsport Scotland coaches, instructors & leaders are required to keep their licence valid and up to date by attaining at least 3 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points within a 3-year term.  This is in addition to keeping their Disclosure and First Aid Certificates up to date in accordance with SSS’s current requirements.

Any member whose CPD is lapsed for over 6 years (2 CPD cycles), and has not maintained comparable qualifications with another Snowsports Awarding Body, will have to re-attend the full course to be able to reinstate their original qualification(s).

Points can be gained by attending a combination of Snowsport Scotland organised courses specific for the qualification award held and/or using other internal and external courses.

If a member participates in any Snowsport Scotland Coaching Scheme course of duration 1 day or more, 3 points will automatically go towards the CPD requirement and the 3 years will start again from that date. 3 hour / half day workshops will accrue 1 CPD point and will revalidate for 1 year.

There is no limit to how many CPD courses can be attended and points members can accumulate in that time.  Each member is responsible for ensuring their approved points are recorded on their member’s area at the Snowsport Scotland office.

If a member holds a number of qualifications in different disciplines or levels, it is recommended to alternate their CPD disciplines.

Members may submit an application to have an external course accredited and use this to gain External CPD recognition.

Snowsport schools, clubs and other organisations are able to arrange custom CPD days for their staff and members at times that are convenient to the needs of their activities. To do this please email the SSS office to arrange a date.