Snowsport Scotland, Snowsport England and Snowsport Wales are delighted to be partners in a single UK Coaching Pathway for Snowsports. The collaborative project between the organisations sees a single UK-wide coaching scheme replace a range of regional schemes bringing consistency to process, programme content and standards.

It is our hope that the Scheme will provide a clear pathway to develop the coaching skills and knowledge of those who are working with talented athletes in their respective disciplines but also the knowledge of parents whose children are showing that competitive promise. By developing a pathway that is both clear and inclusive we hope to build on the overall pool of knowledge and expertise available within the UK Coaching system for snowsports that will bring higher achievements in international competition.

The UK Coaching Pathway covers three disciplines: Alpine, Snowboard and Freeski. The coaching scheme is aimed at those with an interest in developing competitive performance in athletes.

The UK Coaching Pathway for Snowsports has four levels for each discipline:

Level 1             Entry Level Coach
Level 2             Club Coach / League Coach
Level 3             Head Coach / Junior Coach
Level 4             National Team Coach

Each discipline follows a slightly different pathway that reflects the way the sport is organised and practised in the UK.

Each level has a core-training course that varies in its duration. Passing this course at each level gives you Trained Status (once evidence of First Aid, Disclosure and Child Protection have been submitted). After completing the training course you have a choice to move on to the next level of Coach or complete a logbook and coaching assessment to attain “Licenced” coach status. Licenced status is essential for anyone who wishes to actively work in the coaching community but parents may be interested in gaining an insight into coaching by completing the Coaching Pathway training course.

Snowboarding and Freeski will differ from Alpine in that there is no Trained Status for these disciplines, only Licenced status.

The UKCP provides a clear pathway by which clubs, programmes and snowsport schools can encourage those working with students at the competitive performance levels of their respective disciplines, be it Alpine, Snowboard or Freeski, to actively work towards Licenced Coach status within the aligned UK Coaching Pathway for Snowsports.