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Park & Pipe

Park and Pipe refers to the places where freestyle skiers and snowboarders go to pull off a set of tricks and aerial moves by jumping off lips, kickers or onto rails and boxes in a man-made terrain park or half-pipe built out of snow and ice.

Terrain parks can be anything from 100-300 metres long with up to 8 or 9 jumps (kickers) or features (rails or boxes) spread evenly down the slope.

Half-pipes are named such as they resemble the bottom half of a pipe that has been cut lengthways and points downhill. They vary from 100m-250m long and offer the rider the chance to slide downhill from one lip of the pipe across to the other, jumping off the lip and performing a transition turn back into the half-pipe as they do so.

In Scotland the mountain resorts all aspire to building terrain parks when there is sufficient snow and Cairngorm also have a half-pipe cutting machine, making them the only venue with a man made half-pipe.

Both parks and pipes offer a great place to have fun and build skills, however they also offer some of the most spectacular aerial competitions to watch. Competitions formats fall into three basic categories, Big Air, Slopestyle and Halfpipe.