GBR Series Race 3 & Scottish Indoor Alpine Champs showed great Scottish talent!

Photo: Male & Female Overall winners for Scottish Indoor Alpine Championship: Kieran Norris (left), Nicole Ritchie (right)

One of the summers most highly anticipated snowsports event – GBR Indoor Race 3 and the Scottish Indoor Alpine Championships – was hosted this past weekend on the 18th and 19th of June, 2016 at Snow Factor, Braehead, Glasgow.

The GBR Series, sponsored by Ambition Racing, and the Snowsport Scotland’s Scottish Indoor Championships, supported by Ski Racing Supplies and Anything Technical Ltd., saw Alpine racers aged 8-50+ years taking part in two races each day! Competitors aged 8 years to 10 years participated in a Mini’s race each day and competitors aged 11+ years competed in a National BARTS indoor seeded race each day.

“The competitions were a great success, and ran very smoothly. Feedback from athletes taking part, spectators, and the Technical Official were all extremely positive. Our reputation for running this successfully will hopefully generate more interest in future events”, said Veronica Morris, Snowsport Scotland’s Finance Manager.

Snowsport Scotland would not have been able to host these two competitions without the fantastic support of our 30 volunteer officials and collaborators.

GBR Series saw talented athletes competing on both days. The Overall winners were:

Ladies: Nicole Ritchie (Scotland);

Men: Zak Vinter (Scotland);

Girls: Anna Kamaly-Asl (England) and;

Boys: Kayne Stanway (England)      

Snowsport Scotland’s Scottish Indoor Alpine Championships also saw an abundance of talented Overall winners: 

Ladies: Nicole Ritchie (Scotland);

Men: Kieran Norris (Ireland);

Girls: Erin Ward (Scotland) and;

Boys: Kieren Wooley (England)        

Snowsport Scotland’s athlete, Nicole Ritchie, from Glasgow Ski Racing, stole the show as she was crowned the Overall winner for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s races. Hats off to Snowsport Scotland’s, Zak Vinter, from Glasgow Ski Racing, who placed as the Overall athlete for Men in the GBR Series race on Saturday.

Moreover, keep your eyes peeled in future competitions for Snowsport Scotland’s, Erin Ward, again, from Glasgow Ski Racing, who placed first Overall in the Mini’s race for the Girls category for the Scottish Indoor Alpine Championships!

Overall, the weekend at Snow Factor saw a great turnout with 155 entries on the Saturday for the GBR Series Race 3 and 166 on Sunday for the Scottish Indoor Alpine Championships. Congratulations to all the new and experienced athletes who showed tremendous talent this past weekend!

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