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Good governance is a vital part of how third sector organisations operate and are held accountable.  Having an effective board is key to ensuring Snowsport Scotland can deliver its responsibilities.  This page will give you more information as to who sits on the board along with further information on the structure of the organisation. 

Below you can will find expandable sections containing Snowsport Scotland's Articles and policies on Membership, Courses, Governance and Safeguarding & Protecting Children. Click each section to expand.

This page will be updated as new/amended policies are made available. If there are any policies that you cannot find please email info@snowsportscotland.org.


Articles of Association


Draft Articles of Association and Regulations - Update 18/08/2017

Revised draft Articles of Association

This version of the draft Articles shows tracked changes made to the previously published version (shown below)

Explanatory Note

This note seeks to explain the changes made to the draft Articles, following the most recent round of consultation meetings.


sportscotland Position

The following bullet points articulate sportscotland’s position in relation to these governance matters:

  • sportscotland is fully supportive of the need for the Board of Snowsport Scotland to revise the organisation’s Articles of Association. The sportscotland SGB Governance Framework, which is based upon the Nolan principles of good governance, outlines best practice for Board composition.  This includes a mix of appointed and elected Directors, as this provides a good balance between Directors with knowledge and experience of the sport and Directors with specific skill sets and an independent view.
  • sportscotland is committed to access for all and would encourage any SGB to offer a wide range of membership choices. This will provide opportunities for everyone with an interest in a sport to become involved and have a say in shaping its future.
  • One of the key priority areas within sportscotland’s 2015-19 Corporate Plan is collaboration and impact. We would encourage SGBs to establish a mechanism where by all key partners and potential partners can work together to develop the sport at national and regional level. sportscotland sees the SSS proposal to establish national and regional forums and an effective committee structure as a replacement for the SSS Council as a positive step forward, which will offer a vehicle for a wider range of parties, such as commercial providers and local authorities, to contribute and work together to develop snowsports in Scotland.


Next Steps

The SSS Board will soon be considering a final proposal for a new membership structure and once this has been approved, the Board will call a General Meeting, providing the necessary notice and detail.


Draft Articles of Association and Regulations

Draft Articles of Association

Draft Regulations

Summary Note


Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Protocol for Appointment

The Board

The board is responsible for the strategic direction of Snowsport Scotland.  The following individuals make up the board:

  • Wayne Glasse-Davies - Chair Person 
  • Neil Cameron - Vice-Chairperson         
  • Kenneth Munro - Finance
  • Neil Farish
  • John Flavell Smith
  • Donald Hall
  • Angela Anderson
  • Frank Musgrave - Observer

As part of efforts to improve governance within Snowsport Scotland and specifically to improve the flow of ideas and information between the community and the Board, Terms of Reference have been established for 7 committees. The nature and number of these committees will change over time as the needs of the sport require.

The 7 Committees are as follows:

  • Alpine
  • Park & Pipe
  • Nordic
  • Finance
  • Remuneration
  • Governance
  • Business

The Terms of Reference and other details can be found here.

Equality Standard

Snowsport Scotland holds the Preliminary Status for The Equality Standard Framework for Sport. It is committed to maintaining this standard.

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