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About Snowsport Scotland

Our Vision

Ski and Snowboard for Life



Achieve More Participation in Snowsports and Fulfil our Performance Potential


Primary Role of Snowsport Scotland

The primary role of Snowsport Scotland is to:

  • Facilitate and encourage participation in snowsports in Scotland
  • Support the development and improvement of our snowsports facilities for the benefit of everyone
  • Develop and support a network of vibrant clubs operating at every facility
  • Deliver top quality Instructor, Leading and Coaching training programmes
  • Develop and nurture Scottish and GB athletes
  • Organise competition opportunities for participants at all levels

All of the activities of Snowsport Scotland are focused on the needs and interests of the membership and the wider skiing and snowboarding community. Examples of this are promotion of clubs, safety campaigns, members insurance, coaching courses, managing national teams, and co-ordinating races.


Performance Responsibility

Snowsport Scotland is responsible for performance pathways leading to the development of performance athletes in Alpine, Freestyle, Nordic and Snowboard in the Olympics. Over and above these Olympic events, Snowsport Scotland is also the governing body for a further 3 disciplines and 39 events not in the Olympic programme, all of which have established competition rules, events and tours. 

Background of Skiing in Scotland.

The first recorded history of skiing in Scotland was in 1892. However, it was not until 1964 that Snowsport Scotland was founded, then as the Scottish National Ski Council (SNSC) which was renamed to Snowsport Scotland in 1992. As the national governing body for snowsports in Scotland, Snowsport Scotland (SSS) represents our snowsports clubs, professionals and competitors on pathways, from grass roots participation to high performance sport. Snowsports offer enjoyment, community and a healthy outdoor activity for the great majority who ski and board for fun. The snowsports landscape in Scotland is complex, varied and multifaceted, which brings opportunity and challenge in equal measure to the delivery of a national snowsports strategy.

Snowsport Scotland is a company limited by guarantee that receives income from its membership, through specialist services, activities, and development grant funding from Sportscotland.





Snowsport Scotland thanks sportscotland on behalf of the snowsport community for its continued significant support of the sport.

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